The Mythical Knights

Welcome to Liverly, Kansas. Bellybutton of the United States.
Population, 150,000.
Humans, anyway.

The mythical population is just as impressive.

Brightest Shadow, #0.5
Brightest Shadow, #0.5

The Immortal Knights Templar–keepers of the peace in the mythical world–make sure the vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures behave themselves.

Because a Hellgate influences all sorts of improper behavior.

But why would someone put a gate to Hell in Kansas?

Dark Within #1
Dark Within #1

Would you look for one there?


The series reading order:

Brightest Shadow

Dark Within

**Not A Gentleman’s Christmas

Bravest Flame

Darker Cravings

Darkest Judgment 



** This is a Christmas/Holiday story, but it does connect into the Mythical Knights words, and in chronological order, this is when the story happens.